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December 11, 2020

First look at Jewar airport: Four-company consortium to design Delhi Noida International Airport at Jewar

Swiss developer Zurich Airport International has selected a consortium of Nordic, Grimshaw, Haptic and STUP as the architects to design the passenger terminal for the greenfield Noida airport in Jewar. The Delhi Noida International Airport (DNIA), NCR’s second after Delhi’s IGI, is expected to be operational by April 2023 for commercial flight operations.

The consortium was selected through a design competition held in three phases in June, July and August this year. Official mentioned that the winning entry has taken inspiration from the designs of Hyderabad, Oslo, Istanbul and Zurich airport. The design competition was conducted under exceptional circumstances this year, and the architects prepared and presented their designs collaborating and communicating remotely. All three teams faced this challenge masterfully.

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